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Alexandra Lively

Product Manager

Alexandra is a product manager at Nadex specializing in websites as well as new products and strategies. She joined Nadex in 2019 managing content across all Nadex platforms, drawing on her extensive experience of reporting on financial news and writing market commentaries. Before taking on her current role, she worked as an OSMTH United Nations Delegate, International Press Officer, and Chicago News Bureau Chief, reporting from the CME Group. In this role, she conducted technical and fundamental analysis to cover global financial markets, where she directed, produced, and approved all materials for radio and television. She conducted an average of 50 exclusive interviews and wrote 150 unique market commentaries per month. Alexandra studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Masters in European Union Studies.

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Types of traders: Which type are you?

October 25, 2021 / Alexandra Lively
Are you a scalper, day trader, swing trader, or event-driven trader? Take our quiz to know which trading style suits your personality and goals best.
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Pattern day trader: Rules to follow

April 30, 2021 / Alexandra Lively
Pattern day trader rule killin’ your vibes? We shed more light on the PDT rule, what it means for you, and how you can day trade at Nadex with less than $25k.
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Day trading vs. swing trading: Comparing the pros and cons

March 18, 2021 / Alexandra Lively
Day traders make multiple trades over a single day, while swing traders take a longer approach over days and weeks. Learn more about these trading styles.
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Are binary options legal in the US?

February 24, 2021 / Alexandra Lively
Binary options are legal to trade in the US, as long as you trade on a regulated exchange. Find out more, and learn the truth about binary options.
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Trading resolutions for 2021

January 7, 2021 / Alexandra Lively
Need a new year’s resolution you can stick to? Now’s the perfect time to invest in your education and become a better trader.
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Your 5-step trading guide from Nadex

November 18, 2020 / Alexandra Lively
Here is your free, simple 5-step trading guide to get you up and running.
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Tips for new traders – how to get started on Nadex

September 3, 2020 / Alexandra Lively
Are you just beginning your trading journey? Here are 8 quick tips to help you start out on the right foot.
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The top 7 myths about binary options

August 13, 2020 / Alexandra Lively
See our top 7 binary option myth busters as we correct some of the common misconceptions about these contracts.
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Crude oil options trading: fixed-risk opportunities in volatile markets

July 24, 2020 / Alexandra Lively
Learn about trading options contracts based on crude oil - one of the most fast-paced, widely-traded markets in the world.
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Trading is halted. Now what?

May 1, 2020 / Alexandra Lively
Learn more about trading halts, how they’re triggered, and what they mean for you as a trader.
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Trading 5-Minute Binary Options

March 12, 2020 / Alexandra Lively
Learn about trading short-term binary options and leveraging technical analysis tools such as MACD, Bollinger Bands, and Moving Averages.

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