Nadex Self-Certification to Reflect Change of Trading Venue for US SmallCap 2000 Underlying Market


On June 22, 2017, North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc. (“Nadex”, the “Exchange”) submitted to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (the “Commission”), pursuant to Section 5c(c)(1) of the Commodity Exchange Act, as amended (“Act”), and section §40.6(a) of the regulations promulgated by the Commission under the Act (the “Regulations”), its intent to amend its Rulebook to update the underlying asset class for the Nadex US SmallCap 2000 Variable Payout and Binary contracts following the transfer of the Russell 2000® Index Futures from Intercontinental Exchange (“ICE”), to CME Group (“CME”). The underlying change is scheduled to occur for trade date July 10, 2017, and accordingly Nadex will not list its US SmallCap 2000 contracts based on the CME underlying prior to July 10, 2017. Nadex plans to initially monitor activity in the underlying market prior to listing its US SmallCap 2000 contracts in the live environment during the week of July 10. Nadex will relist these contracts when it is satisfied sufficient activity exists in the new underlying market in order to settle the contracts with an expiration value which appropriately reflects the market.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Compliance Department.