Nadex Amends Rules to Authorize Refrain from Listing Contracts, Delist Certain 5-Minute Contracts, and Remove Definitions of Certain Contract Types


Pursuant to Section 5c(c)(1) of the Commodity Exchange Act, and Commission Regulation §40.6(a), Nadex has submitted notice to the Commission that it plans to amend its Rules to grant the authority to refrain from listing any of its contracts at its discretion, as it deems necessary in the best interest of the market and the Nadex Members. Additionally, this submission provides notice that Nadex will be permanently removing the 5-Minute Currency Contracts that expire on the hour, and deletes definitions of certain contract types Nadex does not offer from Rule 12.1 (Terms that are Uniform Across Contracts).

Pursuant to Commission Rule 40.6(b), Nadex plans to implement these Rule changes no earlier than May 26, 2015.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Compliance Department.
Document Notice 645