Nadex Amends Illiquid Market Hours


Pursuant to the Nadex Market Maker Agreement, available on the Nadex website at, a Market Maker is permitted to modify its quoting during periods of “Illiquid Markets”. An Illiquid Market is defined in the Agreement as “thinly traded markets in particular time periods as determined by Nadex from time to time and made public via posting on its website.” A Market Maker may refrain from submitting Post-Only Quotes during an Illiquid Market. Until further notice is provided on this website, Nadex is amending the time periods it has identified as Illiquid Markets: All Intraday 5-Minute Foreign Currency Binary contracts available for trading between the hours of 6:00pm ET and 3:00am ET. The amended Illiquid Market hours will be effective for the opening of trading on trade date October 16, 2018.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Compliance Department.