How to trade forex with binary options

What is forex and how do you trade it? This is one of the key questions that new traders want answered. The currency market, also known as foreign exchange (hence forex), is the world’s largest market with $3-5 trillion traded daily. There are many opportunities for individuals – it’s not just for big banks and funds. Learn more about the forex market, what it is, and how you can trade it with binary option contracts.

What is forex trading?

Forex trading, in simplest terms, involves buying one currency and selling another – this is known as a foreign exchange spot transaction. Traders can also access the forex market without taking ownership of the currency itself, from trading futures contracts to speculating on price action with binary options.

Here’s how it works: suppose you’re buying EUR/USD in the spot market. This means you are effectively buying EUR, while simultaneously funding that trade with USD. In the case of selling EUR/GBP, you are effectively selling EUR and backing that trade with GBP, meaning you believe the value of the EUR will decrease relative to the GBP.

If you’re speculating on the forex market with a financial instrument such as a binary option, you will be able to make predictions on a range of currency pairs – you won’t own the underlying asset, so costs are low and opportunities are plentiful. Binary options offer you fixed risk, so you will know your maximum possible profit and loss before you trade. You can find excellent risk-to-reward ratios on contracts.

How does forex trading work?

Forex trading is facilitated through currency pairs: it’s important you understand this principle for any forex trade you place. To give a brief overview:

  • Currencies are always quoted in pairs. The first currency is called the base currency, the second is called the quote currency.

  • When looking at a chart of currency pairs, it will be reflective of the movement of the base currency, relative to the second named or quote currency.

  • It is always assumed that the base currency is worth one. So if EUR/USD = 1.11, this means there are 1.11 US dollars to one euro.

  • Currencies are traded in pairs too. You will see them listed on the Nadex platform in the format of base currency and quote currency. If you see the strike EUR/USD > 1.1080, the pricing will reflect the market-perceived probability of one euro being worth more than 1.1080 USD at expiration. If you agree it will be worth more, you buy. If you disagree it will be worth more, you sell.

What forex pairs can you trade on Nadex?

With Nadex, you can trade 11 forex pairs, which are:

  • EUR/USD – Euro-US Dollar

  • AUD/USD – Australian Dollar-US Dollar

  • USD/JPY – US Dollar-Japanese Yen

  • GBP/USD – British Pound-US Dollar

  • USD/CHF – US Dollar-Swiss Franc

  • EUR/GBP – Euro-British Pound

  • USD/CAD – US Dollar-Canadian Dollar

  • AUD/JPY – Australian Dollar-Japanese Yen

  • GBP/JPY – British Pound-Japanese Yen

  • EUR/JPY – Euro-Japanese Yen

  • USD/MXN – US Dollar-Mexican Peso

Forex trading sessions

One of the reasons why traders choose forex is that there are opportunities around the clock. As different markets open, you can trade binary option contracts based on the various currencies, with short-term and longer-term options available.

8 a.m. ET is considered the time the cash market opens, as this is the time of the U.S. market opening. You can access greater degrees of volatility across the board at this time.

Here is a summary of forex market opening times, when you can expect more opportunities to trade:


Trading time frames with Nadex

With Nadex, there are multiple time frames in which you can trade. There are short-term intraday contracts, through to daily and even weekly durations. This provides a great deal of flexibility to satisfy any trading style.

Whether you are an ‘edge-of-your-seat’ type of trader looking for second-by-second opportunities, more of a day trader, or even a swing trader, there is a contract suited to you.

With markets trading 23 hours per day, Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon, there will be opportunity on your schedule.

Additionally, because there is no pattern day trader rule, you are free to trade as often as you like, no matter your account size.

How to trade forex binary options

Now you have a good overview of the forex market and what it means to trade it with binary options. If you want to become an expert on binary option contracts so you can trade forex with confidence, you’ve come to the right place. Each day, there are binary option contracts available to trade on Nadex that are based on the forex market. Nadex offers fixed risk and the option to trade forex with low capital, so it’s a great way to access the foreign exchange market.

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