How does the account inactivity fee work?

If your account is inactive for twelve (12) consecutive months (meaning no trade has been executed during that period), it may be closed and your Nadex membership terminated. However, if your account still holds funds, you will be charged a rolling, monthly, inactivity fee of $10.00. If a dormant account carries a balance of less than $10.00, we will reduce the fee to the amount of the remaining account balance bringing the balance to $0.00.

Please note that the inactivity fee cannot take your Nadex account balance below zero, and we will not charge your bank account or debit card as a result of the inactivity fee. You will see the inactivity fee reflected on your Nadex account statements as a deduction to your account balance. 

You have a couple of options to avoid an inactivity fee:

  1. Place at least one trade before 12 consecutive months of inactivity; or

  2. Withdraw your account balance prior to becoming inactive for 12 consecutive months. If you are required to provide any supporting documentation to make a withdrawal, please follow the instructions in the trading platform or email for further assistance.

If you’d like to close your account at any time, email and we will send you instructions outlining how to do so.

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